Postgraduate certificate in science (science in society)  

  • Part time: March 2023 to June 2024 
  • Time commitment: Up to 10 hours per week, mostly flexible 
  • Total cost: $4629 

Interested in science communication? Looking to upskill in your current job? Study part-time and gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Science (Science in Society) with Te Herenga Waka to add more skills to your repertoire. Study in person or hybrid across theory- and practice-based courses where you’ll learn key science communication theory, how to put that into practice, then expand your skills through individual, supervised projects.  

T1 (March to June 2023): SCIS 410: Science communication 

  • ~ 3 hours a week class time over 12 weeks 
  • ~ 150 hours time commitment over 14 weeks 
  • Internal assessment, no exams 

An introduction to the theory and practice of science communication. Students will learn about the purpose of, audiences for and effectiveness of various forms of science communication. In addition, they will develop science communication skills and outputs related to specific areas of scientific research or societal concern. 

T2/T3 (July 2023 to February 2024): SCIS 589: Science communication project  

  • ~ 10 hours a week commitment 
  • Flexible hours, in consultation with your supervisor and course coordinator  
  • Internal assessment, no exams 

Work with a science communication professional to develop your own science communication output, on the topic and in the medium of your choice. Your output will be accompanied by a critical essay reflecting on the process of developing the output and on the success of the finished product. 

T1 (March to June 2024): Cap your Postgraduate certificate with a course that suits your workplace, interests, and direction of study.

Approved courses include:  

NB: Individual courses can also be taken for a Certificate of Proficiency

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