New Course! SCIS301: WRiting about science, health and the environment

Here’s some information about a new writing course we’re offering this year!


Workshop coordinator: Rebecca Priestley, Centre for Science in Society 

Application deadline: 20 June 2022

You will be notified of the outcome by the end of June.

SCIS301: Writing about science, health and the environment replaces CREW352 (which ran 2013-2018), and runs in the same way as the IIML creative writing (CREW) courses. It involves 12 three-hour workshops where you will read, discuss and critique your own and other’s work, and hear from guest writers. Each participant’s input is valuable, and the more you put into workshops the more you will get out of them.

Workshop numbers are limited to 12 students. If you are offered a place in SCIS301 and accept it, you are committing to attend all twelve workshops, as well as to independent writing time outside the workshop. If there are issues that would make it difficult or impossible for you to attend, please contact Rebecca to discuss this.

Submission requirements

To apply for SCIS301 you need to submit:

– A 5–10 page writing sample (1½ or double spaced)

This may be one piece, a range of pieces, or an extract from a longer work but it must be non-fiction (eg, personal essay, memoir, travel narrative, creative nonfiction, reportage) engaging with any or all of the topics of this course: science, health and the environment. All writing submitted must be your own original work. Include your name on each page.

– A cover letter or statement in support of your application.

Keep this brief and relevant. It should outline any previous writing experience, why you are interested in this course, and what you hope to do with your writing in the future. If necessary, it could also provide context for the writing sample you have submitted.

– Contact email address

– Your student ID number (if currently enrolled) 

We welcome applications from enrolled students from all faculties, as well as from people not currently enrolled in university study, who are wanting to take this course to support their development as a writer. 

If your submission is successful, we will advise you how to add SCIS301 to your course of study (for enrolled students) or how to enrol in Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington if you are not currently enrolled.

Please send your application to Rebecca by 20 June 2022

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