t3 science in society courses

While many of our students are preparing final assessments for their T2 courses, we in CSIS are busy getting our summer courses up online. We have a busy teaching schedule lined up for trimester three, with the following courses all launching soon.

Original artwork for 1980 Conservation Week stickers, created by the Nature Conservation Council. Image courtesy of Archives New Zealand.

SCIS101 Science in everyday life

Our 100-level Science in Society paper is currently getting an exciting revamp – and has recently become a prerequisite for the new Major in Science Communication. In keeping with our interdisciplinary course structure, we are drawing upon expertise within Science in Society, but also across and beyond the University, to create five exciting new content modules. Students enrolled in T3 will learn about the science of pain, the potential and limitations of big data, the social and scientific complexities of vaccination, and how we predict and understand weather patterns. This course is online.

SCIE101 Special Topic: Sustainability in Action

A new course offering this trimester, SCIE101 is organised around a series of workshops and practical initiatives that put students in dialogue with academic experts, sustainability practitioners, and people working in sustainability across both public and private sectors. This course will equip students to take tangible action on sustainability, and to understand the theory and data that environmental progress relies upon.

SCIS211 Contemporary issues in Science in Society

This course tackles the big questions. Students dive into key, topical issues at the intersection of science and society, and learn to unpack the scientific, ethical, and social complexities of those topics. This trimester, we’ll be covering sea level rise, medical genetics, neuroscience and the law, and Aotearoa’s Predator Free 2050 plan. SCIS211 is running as both a trimester long 12-week course, and as an intensive six-week course across January/February. This course is online.

SCIS313 Antarctic science and culture

The always popular SCIS313 is also on offer over trimester three. Led by Rebecca Priestley and filmed on site in Antarctica, this course takes students through the different types of research underway on the frozen continent, and the history of science in this remote locale. We cover the biology, geology, politics and history of Antarctica, giving students a 360 degree understanding of a totally unique place.

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