major in science communication

We are delighted to now be offering Aotearoa’s first undergraduate major in Science Communication.

The Science Communication major can be taken as part of either the Bachelor of Science or the new Bachelor of Communications degree. Students benefit from a unique degree structure, as they pair the major with a minor in their choice of Science subjects. That means you can learn about the area of science that you are most passionate about, and become an expert in powerfully communicating that science.

The defining issues of the current era are those that sit at the crossing of science in society. Talking about complex issues like climate change, disease outbreaks, or conservation methods requires strong scientific literacy as well as a command of diverse communication strategies. By majoring in Science Communication, students learn both the practical skills and the principles needed for effective science communication.

You can read more about the new Bachelor of Communication at VUW here, and about the Centre for Science in Society here.

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