Travel Roundup

Seeing as our blog has been on hiatus, here is a summary of some of the recent travel of our staff.

James Beattie

In December 2018, James was a visiting professor at Sun Yat-sen University, where he taught a class on Pacific environmental history.

James teaching at Sun Yat-sen University. James is standing behind a podium, in front of a powerpoint slide that says: "1. Creating China's Pacific. Chinese resource demand. 1790s-1850s.
James teaching at Sun Yat-sen University.

In April 2019, James was a guest of the Poon Fah Association, whose Chinese members were paying respects to their descendants buried at Lawrence Cemetery.

In May 2019, James hosted a delegation of historians from Sun Yat-sen University examining the science, technology and environmental impacts of the overseas Chinese: click here to read a newspaper article on the visit.

In July 2019, James will be going to the World Congress of Environmental History in Brazil. The conference attracts around 600-1000 delegates. James will present on his research on Chinese migration and environmental change in the Pacific, as well as participating in a plenary publishing session as editor of International Review of Environmental History.

Rebecca Priestley & Rhian Salmon

Rebecca and Rhian are dressed in big coats and are standing in front of large snow mountains.
Rebecca & Rhian also managed a hike into the hills behind the town.

Rebecca and Rhian had the good fortune to travel to the “end of the world” – to Ushuaia, Argentina, to participate in the Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) conference, which is part of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). It was a great opportunity to bring together world experts in the social sciences related to Antarctica, and highlight the increasing importance of science communication within that field.

Closer to home, Rebecca appeared in two events the Featherston Booktown this May. One session on Writing Antarctica with Bill Manhire and one on Guardianship of Our Place with poet Helen Heath and artist Rob Kennedy.

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